Royal Redeemer Lutheran School

Music & Fine Arts


Music at Royal Redeemer Lutheran School serves as a means to learn of and praise our Savior, Jesus!  Our students sing in church during the year, and all students participate in either a Spring or a Christmas Concert yearly.  One year the younger students (Kindergarten-4th Grade) participate in the Christmas Concert & the older students (5-8th) then have the Spring Concert.  The next year, the groups switch.  For our concerts, all students work on both vocal singing and beginning in 1st grade, all students also play an instrument.  1st, 2nd, & 4th graders play the Kidsplay Handbells with varying level of technique.  3rd graders play recorder, and the 5-8th graders all play hand-chimes.  Vocal singing and instrument play both serve as ways to praise our God while simultaneously learning and using music theory and technique.

When students are not preparing for a concert, our focus shifts from concert preparation to other aspects of music education.  Throughout the grades, student participate in units of study ranging from rhythm units to famous composer units to listening and analyzing units.  A highlight in our music program is the unit of study on the orchestra in 4th grade.  Each year, that unit of study culminates with a field trip to the Cleveland Orchestra, which is enjoyed by all.  By 8th grade, our students participate in units such as learning of music careers, composing their own melodies using programs such as Finale, and creating original rhythm charts.  From Kindergarten through 8th grade, the students are challenged to build on their knowledge of music from the previous year and to take the next step in advanced music education.  Through it all, may God be praised!


All students in grades 4-8 are eligible to participate in the Instrumental Music Program/Band. Students will participate in a small group/section lesson as well as a full-band session once each week. This program is done during the course of the school day with students departing from class as needed. A rotating schedule is used so that students will not miss a certain class or portion of a particular class for the entire year. Three levels of performance are available, depending on band size, each year. A minimum of two performances will take place with additional performances being held during chapel worship or other “on-campus” occasions. Details are forthcoming at the start of each year. A monthly fee is charged for this program apart from tuition.


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