Royal Redeemer Lutheran School


Children's Choir

   Royal Redeemer sponsors a Children’s Choir to allow children to participate in worship, grow their skills, and enjoy the fellowship of others children beyond our school community. This effort is coordinated through the Worship Ministry office and is available for all Royal Redeemer Lutheran School students in the designated grades/ages, regardless of church membership. 

Jumpers 4 Jesus

  Jumpers for Jesus is a non-competitive club for students in grades 1-8 to learn and practice a variety of jump rope skills. With a central goal of glorifying God, students learn to practice working together with other grade levels, practice coordination and kindness, and put skills to music to perform an end of season show for parents and friends.

Scout (Boys and Girls)

  Through parent leadership and collaboration with Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church, Royal Redeemer Lutheran School is able to connect students to two highly involved scout groups. Students learn a variety of skills and leadership lessons to serve them throughout their lives. Boy Scout/Cub Scout groups typically meet in the evenings and Girl Scout Groups meet currently after school.

Ski Club

  Beginning in January, families with students 8 years old and up are able to take advantage of the snow on the slopes of Boston Mills/Brandywine and Alpine Valley with skiing and snowboarding! This club program offers 4 hours of slope time per session, equipment rental (if applicable), and up to five lessons.

Student Council

Young Rembrandts

  For grades K-6, this is a hands-on, fun, and engaging class offered at Royal Redeemer Lutheran School where students can learn to grow their God-given talents for drawing and art. For 8 weeks in the winter and 8 weeks in the spring, students learn techniques in artistry, using dry and mess-free media to imagine and create. This program is provided by art instructors through Young Rembrandts (for a small program fee) who take the time to teach skills that produce beautiful works of art, usually displayed outside our main offices.

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