Royal Redeemer Lutheran School

Frequently Asked Questions

In a helpful section, we’d like to answer some of your most commonly asked questions about Royal Redeemer Lutheran School. If you think of more, do not hesitate to ask us. We’d be glad to help!

  1. Do I have to be Lutheran to attend Royal Redeemer?

No, you do not have to be a Lutheran or a member of Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church to attend. We welcome all children to learn and grow with us, while teaching according to our Lutheran Faith. If you would like to know more, contact us and we’d be glad to share more.

     2.  Do you teach to the Common Core Standards?
          What standards to you use in Preschool?

At a minimum, we comply with the Early Learning and Developmental Standards for our Preschool programs and the Common Core State Standards in K-8, as mandated by the State of Ohio Department of Education. However, in so many cases, our students learn beyond these expectations. From our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Classes and Page to Palette (Literacy and Arts) Program for our preschool students, to the additional offerings in K-8 including Spanish and Music as a part of our weekly curriculum, cursive handwriting and in-depth technology instruction, and more, we are always Reaching Higher. As a Christ-centered school, where Religion or Chapel starts each day and prayer and devotions are integrated throughout, the standards never conflict with our beliefs. Royal Redeemer Lutheran School is Licensed and Chartered by the State of Ohio Department of Education and Nationally Accredited.

     3.  What are the credentials of your teaching staff?

All of our talented staff are properly trained and licensed for the Ohio Department of Education. Many of our teachers are also Called or trained in Lutheran doctrine for the Religion area they instruct. They see what they are doing as a calling to serve, divinely prepared, and fulfill their roles with great care and concern for each child. Our teachers are also placed within their level of experience and preference in what they desire to teach so that each content area is instructed with a great deal of depth and skill. Our teachers renew their instruction and are always learning, from special instruction for safety, or best practices in learning through professional development.

     4.  How do you care for the whole child?

We recognize that students are successful when all of their needs are met. To support this, we seek to provide students with many healthy and helpful supports to accommodate as many needs as possible. First, we offer support to families by providing care beyond the school hours in preschool and K-8 through our Extended Care program. Next, students can daily participate in K-8 in a delicious and nutritious hot lunch program. Speech and language services and Psychology referrals can be utilized by support staff based on campus once per week, and depending on student needs. In addition, Enrichment and Intervention programs are offered to support students meet and exceed standards based on their ability and God-given talents. Some needs beyond these are supported in partnership with Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church where many opportunities for families to CONNECT, BELONG, and THRIVE, in the many ministry opportunities offered-regardless of church membership.

     5.   If we are in need, how can we receive support with the
           cost of tuition and/or fees?

There are three main ways we work to support families in making the choice to attend Royal Redeemer Lutheran School one that is not solely about finances. Our goal in support is to make it so that families who desire a Christian education can have opportunities to make this happen beyond means and circumstances as much as possible. One opportunity is in our Financial Aid program for students attending grades K-8 for families who meet eligibility guidelines. Awards are always based on need and are typically issued in the spring before a school year starts and the greatest percentage of need is issued to those who qualify. Applications can be completed by visiting with a small fee for processing paid to TADS for tuition and financial service management.

Next, for families who have students entering grades K-2, there is a Scholarship Program through the Educational Choice Expansion/Income-Based Scholarship. Families who apply and meet income guidelines may receive full scholarships to attend Royal Redeemer Lutheran School. For more details visit School Choice of Ohio or contact our school office at 440.237.7988 to receive an information packet.

Some in-house scholarships are offered through special funds, memorials, or gifts from supporters of Royal Redeemer Lutheran School. If you would like to learn more about how to support a scholarship or sponsor a student, please contact the school office.

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