Royal Redeemer Lutheran School

Online Grading


Link to Headmaster RRLS On Line Grading 

How do I log in to Head Master On Line?

        Use the Link above
         Once the page is loaded use you User Login and Password

                  CASE SENSTIVE


What can I look at?

· View and update your information

· Email a teacher

· View assignments and grades

· View the school calendar and lunch menu

· View Report cards

How can I update my child’s or my own personal

· After you have logged in, click the My Profile tab

· In the top right corner, under Edit next to the item you want to change

· To add a new item, click Add next to the item you want to change

· Your changes/additions we be posted by the school
administration and the changes will be reflected online the next time the school uploads to Head Master On Line

· Until the school posts your changes and uploads to
Head Master On Line, you will see this message:

                  “This person currently has a change request pending”

Not currently activated or in use:

· Homework

· Schedule

· Attendance

How do I look at my child’s Grades?

· Once you have logged in, click the Academics tab

· Click a child and you see the child’s subjects and current average

· To see the assignments and grades click, on the right, click Details

· To view Assignments Notes, under Notes, click View

· If a grade is marked as Omitted, that grade is not included in the average for the class

How do I look at Reports?

· Once you have logged in, go to the Reports tab

· Choose a report

· For grade reports, once the report is displayed, you can select previous grading periods from the Grading Period drop-down menu

How do I view teacher Announcements?

· On the Overview tab, locate on Class Activity

· Locate the subject that the teacher teaches

· To the right, in the Announcements column, if the is a
number other than zero , click the Subject name

· On Class View, announcements are located under Class Announcements

How can I email a teacher?

· On the Overview tab, locate Class Activity

· Locate the subject that the teacher teaches

· To email the teacher, click the Envelope beside the subject.

Your Student’s Grade Book will be updated every week.  Please check your student’s progress (if your student is missing homework and it was just turned in...allow 48 hours for correction) every week to see the updates and revisions (Mondays and Thursdays will be the updating days). 

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